About my blogs…

And, there are a few…

Italian House blog… is about renovating an 800 year old farm house in the little known corner of Tuscany, the Lunigiana. The blog has been running… with occasional blips… since 2009. Though the three separate houses which make up il Poggiolo… La Casetta, La Casa Grande and the Appartamento Azzurro… are complete, there are still plans to fit-out the Esseccatoio… or, chestnut drying shed… as a Guest Cottage, put in a swimming pool… and I can just hear My Dad roll around in his grave which, is hard to do when one has been reduced to ash. His feelings were such a contrivance is a HUGE waste of money. So be it. There are other items on the docket, but more on them later. We’ll see how & to where the blog evolves in the future. In between Our Construction Labors will be posts on living at il Poggiolo, since we are now happily liberated from the 24/7 presence of the Construction Crews of past years. Please, do stay tuned.

Serendipity… is about what I find unexpected, enchanting or curious… wherever found. Might be in my own homes, on my travels or, through my interests & fantasies. A blog as an exploration by navigating through art, architecture, landscape or history… in Italy… and, occasionally, musings upon what strikes me as serendipitous at the moment.

Il Poggiolo a Codiponte… has details, mostly on how many beds… 11 persons can rest their heads on a pillow… the high & low season rates on weekly rentals… please, ONLY Saturday to Saturday… of one, two or the whole shebang which makes up il Poggiolo in Codiponte, again… La Casetta, La Casa Grande and the Appartamento Azzurro.

Il Poggiolo Guest Guide… is a sight-seeing/restaurant/services guide to Codiponte, the Lunigiana and the surrounding regions of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna & Liguria for Our Guests staying at il Poggiolo.

The Moses & Nina Show… what can I say? Two entertaining Weimaraners captured in photographs or videos of their adorable… and sometimes obnoxious… shenanigans.

So, I Invite you to have a look at each blog and to check back from time to time. Enjoy!