What I am painting… January & February

Paintings to date… landscapes as self-portraits or visa-versa, more drawing than painting, as what is put down is drawn away…


Fields & Rains: Could Be Italy 68.6 x 34 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Lowlands Fields: Perhaps Eastern Nebraska 72.5 x 31 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Gulch in Spring Thaw: Could Be Colorado 46 x 29.6 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Ravine: Could Be Italy But Might Be Colorado 40 x 33.6 cm oil on wood panel euro 200


A Lonesome Trail Through Fields: Perhaps In Russia 79.8 x 29.9 cm oil on wood euro 250



15 thoughts on “What I am painting… January & February

  1. Oh Forrest, What lovely paintings. I wish I could see them in person!
    Keep up your very talented good work. Speaking of art, I’m reading a fiction (probably to your distaste) called “Chasing Cezanne”. Quite an interesting story.
    Have finally started reading your blogs and am enjoying them as they bring me closer to Codiponte and you! I was sorry to read about the death of your neighbor last December. I know the dogs just loved lounging on her terrace.
    Love and hugs, Nancy

  2. I am feeling it out, Frank. Rather than waiting for inspiration, I decided I had to go find it. Thanks for your comment. And, I owe you an email. Love, Forrest

  3. Nancy, I am thrilled you have left a comment. And, you are right: the paintings are better seen live.
    I may have to get Chasing Cezanne. He was prolific and had to be because he sold his paintings for a
    pittance in Paris. Only until foreign tourists discovered his shop in Aix-en-Provence did he get the
    following which made him famous. I am coming to Pinehurst in April… 13th until the 22nd. Let’s catch
    up! Oh, and thank you for following my Italian House Blog. Once I get down there, hopefully, I will have
    postings other than about funerals. Love to you & Stewart, Forrest

  4. Lots of energy, pent up from 10 years of avoiding putting creativity to the test! Love, Forrest

  5. che meraviglia!
    adoro l’ultimo landscape as self-portrait che mi pare realizzato da un Van Gogh in acido! che intenditore…

  6. Forrest

    The paintings are beautiful, truly. You must be one of the busiest people I have ever come across!! I will be in Arlia in mid-April and we must get together in Fivizzano for drinks!!!!!

  7. Thank you, Chris, and especially for thinking I am so busy.

    Oh, yes! Let’s get re-connected in the Lunigiana. I am in North Carolina visiting my mom from the 13th until the 23rd. Before and after I will be in Codiponte. Do you have my contact details?

    Best wishes,


  8. Dear Chris,

    Forgot to say, I have your cellphone number starting with 305-. Is that still correct?



  9. Love this work, I am excited to see them in person. Beautiful work Forrest, so happy you’re painting again!! xx

  10. Thanks so much! It’s work to created something I like. Nice to hear others, like you, do too! Love, Forrest

  11. Bravo, sono contenta tu abbia ripreso, la tua mano e’ sempre felice, il gusto del colore e della composizione sono Amazing!

    complimenti ancora


  12. Grazie, Sabrina… per essere andata a vedere e per i gentili commenti. A presto… Forrest

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