What I am painting… Beginning of March

I put paint and move it around letting it tell me how an image of a landscape can happen. Imagination for invention…


Dusk Over An Abandoned Field & Woods 61 x 47 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


A Mystical Sense of Spring 35 x 22.5 cm oil on wood panel euro 150


Woods Near My Home By Car Lights 53.4 x 41.4 cm oil on wood panel euro 250

What I am painting… January & February

Paintings to date… landscapes as self-portraits or visa-versa, more drawing than painting, as what is put down is drawn away…


Fields & Rains: Could Be Italy 68.6 x 34 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Lowlands Fields: Perhaps Eastern Nebraska 72.5 x 31 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Gulch in Spring Thaw: Could Be Colorado 46 x 29.6 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Ravine: Could Be Italy But Might Be Colorado 40 x 33.6 cm oil on wood panel euro 200


A Lonesome Trail Through Fields: Perhaps In Russia 79.8 x 29.9 cm oil on wood euro 250



I am painting…

Yes, an announcement of sorts by showing my paint stained work-apron…


after a long and often times frustrating, even painful, hiatus of nearly 10 years, like the Big Bang, I could stand it no longer. I kept waiting for Inspiration to strike like a lightening bolt but, n’er one arrived. So, as the Wise-men say, I decided to make my own hay. In my immediate case, wood panels gessoed to a whitely sanded neutrality, smeared with oil crayons… of an exceptionally XL size… concocting landscapes from invention. Nothing pre-meditated. Just art… my art. A daily act of courage. Stay tuned…