For Valentina…

Hai detto che eri interessata nei miei quadri di lana… you said you were interested in my wool pieces… ecco! Here are a few…



Athlete – 44 x 33 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 150


Baldness – 33 x 27.3 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 100


Searching – 33 x 27.3 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 100




Back Of Head – 35.5 x 44.4 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 600


A Fly – 25.5 x 25.8 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 350


Peace – 33.4 x 19.8 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 350

What I have drawn… Part I

When I first moved to Genoa fifteen years ago, an artist friend suggested I enroll in an art-class at the local art institute, L’Accademia Ligustica. I could do it for free! I bought paper, pencils & oil pastels and showed up. The class was filled mostly with young & silly girls or ghastly thin boys. The rest were all foreigners, like myself, and much older than the others. There were two instructors, a man and a woman in a wheelchair. I cannot recall the gentleman’s name… a handsome fellow, nice air about him, ound him always helpful. The woman’s name is Sabrina Marzagalli… a charming & gracious and a magnificently curious person. Between these two professors were invented exercises which threw me for an absolute artistic loop. The one I loved the most though, initially, it was raw panic, was to capture the models as they calmly waltz around the hall… hanger… or stationary in brief, fleeting poses, wherever. Here are a few examples…


Pencil & oil pastels on rough-gaged paper, 43 x 31 cm or 17″ x 12″, Euro 250 each.

What I am painting… Beginning of March

I put paint and move it around letting it tell me how an image of a landscape can happen. Imagination for invention…


Dusk Over An Abandoned Field & Woods 61 x 47 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


A Mystical Sense of Spring 35 x 22.5 cm oil on wood panel euro 150


Woods Near My Home By Car Lights 53.4 x 41.4 cm oil on wood panel euro 250

What I am painting… January & February

Paintings to date… landscapes as self-portraits or visa-versa, more drawing than painting, as what is put down is drawn away…


Fields & Rains: Could Be Italy 68.6 x 34 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Lowlands Fields: Perhaps Eastern Nebraska 72.5 x 31 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Gulch in Spring Thaw: Could Be Colorado 46 x 29.6 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


Ravine: Could Be Italy But Might Be Colorado 40 x 33.6 cm oil on wood panel euro 200


A Lonesome Trail Through Fields: Perhaps In Russia 79.8 x 29.9 cm oil on wood euro 250



I am painting…

Yes, an announcement of sorts by showing my paint stained work-apron…


after a long and often times frustrating, even painful, hiatus of nearly 10 years, like the Big Bang, I could stand it no longer. I kept waiting for Inspiration to strike like a lightening bolt but, n’er one arrived. So, as the Wise-men say, I decided to make my own hay. In my immediate case, wood panels gessoed to a whitely sanded neutrality, smeared with oil crayons… of an exceptionally XL size… concocting landscapes from invention. Nothing pre-meditated. Just art… my art. A daily act of courage. Stay tuned…





Sidewalk dispersions…

I find quite elegant the ripped pieces of street-level billboards draped, dangling nearly into the path of passers-by. Often the strips & shards of pasted poster-paper have become impromptu flowers, scrolls & slashes marring once complete photo & graphic images…

IMG_3248IMG_3231IMG_3229   IMG_3276

The remnants are a giddy whirl of the recognizable mixed with the not so identifiable but for the fragments of color and violated flatness of the advertisements.

And while photographing, a street-cleaner arrived to irrevocably tear-off & throw away into his mini-electric garbage-truck what so artfully had protruded from the huge metal panels affixed to the rising wall of a busy street. Happily, chaos & abstraction could reign again in a new home, but not for long.