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I am an American living in Italy. I share A Life shuttling between an apartment in Genoa... cruise ships practically dock at our balcony... and a farm house in a little known corner of Tuscany, called the Lunigiana, with an Italian boy-friend of fifteen years... shhh! Don't tell anyone but, his name is Roberto. He doesn't like to be mentioned. Very sensitive. And, some folderol about a European Community Law on Privacy. A Big Nuisance & Bother, if you ask me. All he gets is a pronoun... "You"... short for You-know-who... and two wunderbar Weimaraners, named Moses & Nina. They are the Best Behaved Dogs in the Whole World... most of the time. And, they are quite happy to be in the limelight. Moses was a gift from You for My 50th Birthday. Nina was adopted for My 60th. I came to Italy twenty-five years ago to work in fashion... designing lady's frocks & things. Those "things" turned out to be lots & lots of shoes. Ate up fifteen years of those twenty-five in a hurry. Then, I said "Adio" to all that, moved to Florence, met & fell in love with You, moved to Genoa... it's You's home town. Better to be "in house" over commuting... dabbled with making art, wrote a book or two, chased Weimaraners and started blogging. That's about it. Off you go now. Check out all my blogs, please.


I have a blog on fashion… After A Fashion… but, chuck it! Serendipity is much more akin to how I feel about the world, whether it’s my art, fashion, gardens, design, architecture… cooking!?!… you name it. And that might be? It’s all one Big Thing! However, I’ll save that for a later blog posting. Now…

what’s on with my idea of a dress these days? Dress? Yes. Dress. Long & short ones too. It’s Asymmetry… in pattern yet, constructed out of fabrics with different structures… flowing against rigid, maintaining a similar sense of transparency or, lack thereof; fabrics with different finishes & weights… silk velvet coupled with layers of gauze… but, one which can hold the other as roots hold a plant; fabrics with no color, but absolutely NOT stark black ‘n white. No! I was reared on the soft focus fashion photos of Look Magazines in 50s blacks ‘n whites wherein you could detect what the fabric’s web & weft might be. Can you tell in a photograph of today the difference between a cotton and a silk? Who cares? It’s not the point, right? And, if there were fashion photos in color, the tints & hues appeared to be sucked dry of nearly all life, and brilliance too. Fine with me. I think non-color is perennially fashionable.

What appeals most is a kind screwed kaftan slung over a column, one side of stiff satin and the other in full-flowing gazar around to the back of the dress and the stiff satin, come what may when the wearer walks. Hey? Isn’t that the fun of fashion?


For Valentina…

Hai detto che eri interessata nei miei quadri di lana… you said you were interested in my wool pieces… ecco! Here are a few…



Athlete – 44 x 33 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 150


Baldness – 33 x 27.3 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 100


Searching – 33 x 27.3 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 100




Back Of Head – 35.5 x 44.4 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 600


A Fly – 25.5 x 25.8 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 350


Peace – 33.4 x 19.8 cm – chiodi d’ottone, fili di lana sul legno massiccio – Euro 350

What I have drawn… Part I

When I first moved to Genoa fifteen years ago, an artist friend suggested I enroll in an art-class at the local art institute, L’Accademia Ligustica. I could do it for free! I bought paper, pencils & oil pastels and showed up. The class was filled mostly with young & silly girls or ghastly thin boys. The rest were all foreigners, like myself, and much older than the others. There were two instructors, a man and a woman in a wheelchair. I cannot recall the gentleman’s name… a handsome fellow, nice air about him, ound him always helpful. The woman’s name is Sabrina Marzagalli… a charming & gracious and a magnificently curious person. Between these two professors were invented exercises which threw me for an absolute artistic loop. The one I loved the most though, initially, it was raw panic, was to capture the models as they calmly waltz around the hall… hanger… or stationary in brief, fleeting poses, wherever. Here are a few examples…


Pencil & oil pastels on rough-gaged paper, 43 x 31 cm or 17″ x 12″, Euro 250 each.

What I am painting… Beginning of March

I put paint and move it around letting it tell me how an image of a landscape can happen. Imagination for invention…


Dusk Over An Abandoned Field & Woods 61 x 47 cm oil on wood panel euro 250


A Mystical Sense of Spring 35 x 22.5 cm oil on wood panel euro 150


Woods Near My Home By Car Lights 53.4 x 41.4 cm oil on wood panel euro 250