I have a blog on fashion… After A Fashion… but, chuck it! Serendipity is much more akin to how I feel about the world, whether it’s my art, fashion, gardens, design, architecture… cooking!?!… you name it. And that might be? It’s all one Big Thing! However, I’ll save that for a later blog posting. Now…

what’s on with my idea of a dress these days? Dress? Yes. Dress. Long & short ones too. It’s Asymmetry… in pattern yet, constructed out of fabrics with different structures… flowing against rigid, maintaining a similar sense of transparency or, lack thereof; fabrics with different finishes & weights… silk velvet coupled with layers of gauze… but, one which can hold the other as roots hold a plant; fabrics with no color, but absolutely NOT stark black ‘n white. No! I was reared on the soft focus fashion photos of Look Magazines in 50s blacks ‘n whites wherein you could detect what the fabric’s web & weft might be. Can you tell in a photograph of today the difference between a cotton and a silk? Who cares? It’s not the point, right? And, if there were fashion photos in color, the tints & hues appeared to be sucked dry of nearly all life, and brilliance too. Fine with me. I think non-color is perennially fashionable.

What appeals most is a kind screwed kaftan slung over a column, one side of stiff satin and the other in full-flowing gazar around to the back of the dress and the stiff satin, come what may when the wearer walks. Hey? Isn’t that the fun of fashion?


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