Our show’s canine stars…

Moses… was born on October 7, 2001 in what has to be one of the coldest spots around… Montalcino, Italy. Also happens to be the epicenter of the Chianti wine region. Moses was one of thirteen puppies… a grotesque number for any litter… and the last one to make it out & survive. Poorly nourished, Moses was kind of scrawny. No one picked him. HE WAS UNWANTED!!! Well, until one dark & stormy night, I was informed by My Boy-friend of a Weimaraner puppy in My Immediate Future, if I wanted it as a 50th Birthday present. I said… Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Once we had negotiated a proper name for a male puppy… My Boy-friend wanted to call the dog, Bragania. Anyone hazard a guess from where the name hails from? I’ll tell you… it was Isolde’s maid-servant in the Wagner opera Tristan und Isolde. Yeah… jiminy cricket! I nixed the name forthwith by stating… No dog will answer to any word of more than two syllables… Moses has become a Vital Component of Our Collective Felicity.

Nina… was adopted last March… 2012… in the same year I turned 60. SHE WAS UNWANTED TOO!!! Well, sort of. Her Second Owner, a lovely & caring woman, discovered after rescuing Nina from a Terrible… Hateful… Despicable First Owner that a Weimaraner is a load to handle. I gladly took on that load. Nina has many interests… she HATES cats, bunny rabbits & lizards. The above photo shows Nina at her Command Post during the Hours of her Cat-watch, normally from Noon to Four. She is hungry all the time. I have seen her gulp a live hornet… and other stuff way too disgusting even to list… to stem her stomach pains. However, she is obedient & affectionate, especially at meal-times. Oh! She snores & talks in her sleep.

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