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I am an American living in Italy. I share A Life shuttling between an apartment in Genoa... cruise ships practically dock at our balcony... and a farm house in a little known corner of Tuscany, called the Lunigiana, with an Italian boy-friend of fifteen years... shhh! Don't tell anyone but, his name is Roberto. He doesn't like to be mentioned. Very sensitive. And, some folderol about a European Community Law on Privacy. A Big Nuisance & Bother, if you ask me. All he gets is a pronoun... "You"... short for You-know-who... and two wunderbar Weimaraners, named Moses & Nina. They are the Best Behaved Dogs in the Whole World... most of the time. And, they are quite happy to be in the limelight. Moses was a gift from You for My 50th Birthday. Nina was adopted for My 60th. I came to Italy twenty-five years ago to work in fashion... designing lady's frocks & things. Those "things" turned out to be lots & lots of shoes. Ate up fifteen years of those twenty-five in a hurry. Then, I said "Adio" to all that, moved to Florence, met & fell in love with You, moved to Genoa... it's You's home town. Better to be "in house" over commuting... dabbled with making art, wrote a book or two, chased Weimaraners and started blogging. That's about it. Off you go now. Check out all my blogs, please.