Bars, Convenience Stores, Local Services…

Bar Lorianna… or, at least, that’s what we call it. It’s the only bar/tabaccaio in Codiponte. It is on the main road heading towards Casola in a bank of houses. Cigarettes to beer, ice-cream to playing video porker… Oh! Boy… to watching a soccer game on Sky-TV while sipping una birra dalla spina… or, a beer on tap. The bar is the Commercial & Cultural Center for the village and is open from 5:30AM until 2AM every day. And yes, 24/7.
Bar della Torre is in Casola in Lunigiana… the next town above Codiponte. It is open from early morning to late at night. There is a small alimentari… or, convenience store next it and catty-corner to both is a green grocer & magazine stand. What a combo!
Convenience Stores… in Codiponte
Alimentari Anna… right off the Piazza Civico in Codiponte. The shop is well stocked with the essentials from ricotta, milk to cleaning products, etc.. Take a left at the bottom of the ramps leading down from il Poggiolo and the shop is on the right in a terra-cotta stucco-ed house. Closed Wednesday afternoons and on Sundays. The owner is a very nice lady!
Alimentari Lorianna again, next door to the ONLY bar of Codiponte. Not nearly as well stocked as Alimentari Anna but, it does have good bread and an inordinate array of pasta.
Ortafrutta e Fiori… on the right coming across the Medieval Bridge. Closed Wednesday & Saturday afternoons and on Sunday.
Macelleria/Salumeria da Massimo on the corner of the main road, SS445, and the  street leading to/from the Medieval bridge. Massimo is of the best butchers in the Lunigiana, the beef eating-est country ever. People come from miles around to load up on his various cuts of beef, pork, veal &  chicken. He also has cheeses & eggs, cookies, pasta & wine.
Grocery Stores… in the vicinity
Carrefour Express… is in Gragnola, the next town below Codiponte. It is a small store with all the grocery-store basics… a butcher, cheeses & salamis, frozen foods to fresh fruits & vegetables, beer & wine, cleaning products, etc. Take the SS 445 towards Aulla. After the little village of Casette, there will be a street on the left between two houses with indications for Equi Terme. Make the left, cross the railroad tracks and the store is on the right, once the street has widen after entering the village. There is parking in front.
Conad… at Terrarossa is outside & north of Aulla on the SS62 for Villa Franca-in-Lunigiana & Pontremoli. The store is on the right & below the road and is situated in a complex of other shops & stores. Off & behind is a large building with a Brico Center, a self-service hardware store. The Conad is the most well furnished & price conscious of the grocery stores in the area.
D’Oro… is in Pallerone, a small village with an adjacent commercial district on a short-cut heading north out of Aulla on the SS63 to Fivizzano & Codiponte. It is a well furnished grocery store, a bit expensive but with an excellent butcher.
La Vecchia… is in Fivizzano. With Aulla behind you, make a left at the light on the SS63 as you enter the town. The entrance is on the left in between some 2-story buildings along a tree lined allee. Again, a well stocked grocery store in an historic town of the Lunigiana.
Post Offices…
The Codiponte Post Office… is open on Wednesday & Fridays from 8:30 to 1:30.
The Casola Post Office the next town above Codiponte… is open Mondays to Saturdays from 8:30 to 1:30. We go to this one right after a cappuccino at the Bar della Torre.
There are pharmacies in Casola, Gragnola, Monzone… after Gragnola heading to Equi… & Fivizzano. Among these towns, there is at least one open on Sundays & Holidays. Also, there are pharmacies in Pallerone & Aulla.  The pharmacy in Gragnola is the most convenient, well-stocked and we know the owner quite well.
Auto Repair…
Autoufficina da Sauro… is on a little lane after the Pieve di Codiponte… or, church. Sauro is the first stop for any car repair in the area.